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Took a wicked hit today!

Man today was freaking crazy! I was going through all my ball pythons and cleaning them when my biggest female aka “Big Sally” lunged out of her tank and grabbed me right on the face. It was a wicked crazy hit, blood was everywhere. These ball pythons care be so calm and docile one minute then just snap the next, that’s why I love them.

Anyway after me and the wife managed to get the bleeding stopped we finished cleaning all the ball pythons and went out to eat. I was starving for a big mac or maybe even a steak.. It was an awesome day. Talk soon.

Intro post from the reptile man

Howdy guys! I’m a snake guy and a professional snake keeper. I’ve been selling ball pythons for many years and I finally had one of my best seasons this year. I’ve made a ton of money selling snakes and caring for ball pythons.

I work with ball pythons morphs and have some of the most expensive ball python morphs in the world. I’d say I’m probably one of the top breeders in the united states.  This year I produced several snakes that have never been produced before.

Little ball python video I really like.

I just started manufacturing my own style snake rack systems. These racks will hopefully be a huge success in the reptile industry. I’ve done a couple things with these racks that no other company has been able to do. Hopefully, it all works out in the end.

I also, just started reptile show here in the deep south this show is going to have all the biggest breeders in the world setting up but I’ll hold off on releasing too many deals..haha

Talk soon.

Stinky Steve

This is me the Cobraman! Well, maybe not exactly haha

This is me the Cobraman! Well, maybe not exactly haha